PM Reading
Like most 5 year olds, Mikey was learning to read and needed some support.  His teacher suggested he rhyme at home and often.  That night we rhymed about everything we did.  I made note of each rhyme.  At the end of the night I said (in a joking tone) "you wrote a book".    Mikey took this very serious and while learning about books in school he began to bring home illustrations and add them to the pages.  After two weeks of (unrequested) hard work I began to wonder what if.... What if I took my son as serious as he took me?

So I dared to join his adventure in hopes to applaud his hard work and excitement for learning.   I was so impressed by his continued focus at such a young age.
Long story short we heard "I am sorry but no" by many.  We heard "I would love to for a fee" before I knew it the cost was upward of $5,000 - $7,000!!   I refused to give up on his dream as he worked very hard and was so excited to print a book and one day have it in the library.  

We turned to the community for support and the Clarksville community answered in the most amazing way.  We found guidance, an illustrator, and the most engaging local printing company. Most importantly we found that accepting "no" as a response to your dream is not acceptable. 

A large portion of our funds are raised from the sale of child authored books.  Each book published through PM Reading will follow the same process and provide the same benefits to the child and the community.  The goal is quite basic: bring PM Reading back to the nightly routine.    Every night disconnect from electronics, and reconnect with your child.  Watch as the imagination goes wild and dare to believe that it could become reality.   Explore the magic of reading with your child as an opportunity to unwind, dream a bit, and most importantly, help them learn to read.
"Most importantly we found that accepting "no" as a response to your dream is not acceptable."